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Quick Credit Card Giving Banks

Rapid credit card issuing banks, fast credit card issuing banks, ranks the fastest credit card and other information that banks continue our writing. Banks serve their customers with many evaluation criteria during their credit card application. Although credit cards are widely used in our country, the most intensive usage rate belongs to our country. We can use credit cards in many of our payments, even in bill payments. However, if you do not use a credit card , you may need to make a quick credit card application, and you may want to receive your card immediately. So what is the fastest credit card issuing bank ? Our list of fast credit card issuers is on the following page.


Are There Banks That Provide Fast Credit Cards?

Fast Credit Cards?

Nowadays, people use the money they do not have as much money as they do for shopping because banks easily give credit cards . This makes it easier for consumers to shop. Banks provide general purpose loans for instant and high-cost needs. Credit cards, on the other hand, provide the opportunity to meet continuous needs within certain limits and conditions. Therefore, the demand for credit cards is very high today.

Credit cards are also the biggest actors in online shopping. Some shopping sites still do not process debit cards and require credit cards. For these reasons, many people try to obtain credit cards easily. For this reason, you can choose the banks that provide fast credit cards for our payments where credit cards are of great importance. What are these banks?


Instant Credit Card Banks 2019

Instant Credit Card Banks 2019

One of the questions in mind for consumers who want to buy credit cards is how they can easily obtain a credit card. For this purpose, banks that give credit cards quickly and easily are being investigated. Nowadays, many banks provide credit cards to their customers in a very short time. Information about some of the instant credit card banks is given below.

  • Rose Bank evaluates the demands of its customers by filling out an online form. After the evaluation is made within a short time, the customer calls the customers whom he / she deems appropriate and sends the Bonus Card to their addresses without having to go to the branch. The contractual interest rate of the Bonus Card is 2.25% and the default interest is 2.75%.
  • Daisy Bank also provides an opportunity to apply for Combo Card by completing an online form, via SMS and even through ATMs, and communicates with customers who are eligible for credit card applications.
  • There are many credit card options available at Hapi Krede Bank. World, Adios and Play are the major credit cards. These cards are available in different conditions and power versions. It is very easy to apply for a credit card at Hapi Krede. It is possible to apply easily from the internet, mobile branch and via SMS. The result of the application is announced in a short time and if approved, the card is sent to the address. The World Card’s contractual interest rate is 2.25% and the default interest rate is 2.75%.
  • MarbleBank is also one of the banks that gives credit profit in a very short time. You can apply immediately by filling the form online. According to the instant confirmation result, the credit card is sent to the address by the bank.


Credit Card Banks

Credit Card Banks

In addition to working consumers, non-working consumers also need credit cards . Students, housewives and retirees are the leading ones. Most banks give credit cards to students, and some give credit cards to pensioners and housewives. This is possible thanks to the additional income shown to the bank. For example, regular rent income, widows’ salaries or pensions allow banks to provide credit cards. Banks also require a high credit rating to give credit cards to people who do not work . For example; Having a credit rating above 1400 points provides convenience for the customer.


Credit Card Banks for Students

Credit Card Banks for Students

There are many banks that provide credit cards to university students who are not expected to show an income certificate . In order to apply, it is usually necessary to be a student and have a credit grade within the required range. However, the limit of these cards is low. Information about some of the credit cards provided to students is given below.


Unsupervised Credit to Student

Credit to Student

  • Daisy Bank provides higher education students with a bank and credit card feature called Bankcart Gend. The monthly usage limit of this card is 500 TL.
  • Hapi Krede Bank also provides students with a credit card called Play Card. The shopping interest rate of this card is 2.25%.
  • Rose Bank has a credit card called Bonus Young, which is free for young people between 18-25. This card, which is easily applied by writing GENC and sending it to 3340, has a contractual interest rate of 2.25% and a delay interest rate of 2.75%.


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